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Artists, politicians, activists, ... but also people of our daily life, inspire a life, push to surpass oneself, to reflection, to mimicry.

Icons of a day or always, they have influenced or influence our existence.

It is this reflection in the mirror that our online media wants to question, immortalize, in the beginning of the 21st century where self-image and influence are determinants of our humanity and its future.

Self-image is how we see ourselves. It is linked to other concepts like recognition, self-confidence, self-esteem. When we decide to do something, our self-image greatly affects our belief in doing and our willingness to actually do. Self-image can therefore be our first obstacle. It takes a total commitment to yourself to be able to exceed it. Our perception, beliefs, thoughts, actions and relationships play a big role in how we impact our image of ourselves. This is how the concept of “Iconic” interviews was born, or the fact of speaking about oneself through the people who have inspired or who inspire our lives, who we are, what we do and think, in appropriating them to us. But also because in a society of the image, it is much easier to talk about the other than about oneself.

"At the time of the" hyper Me ", the Image of the other, of others, as a mirror, promotes the expression of plurality, complexity as much as the power of our being", explains Stéphanie Wismer Cassin founder . Finally, I cones is the transmission through our interviews, of a form of filiation, of a heritage. A photo portrait illustrates the video, a timeless, eternal self-shot.

Raconte nous ton combat et créons ta lég
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